Those are sample imaginary product that will be produced from this project. The taste will be fine that it will penetrate Japanese market to fulfill the demand from Japanese consumer.

What is the campaign?

Donation of the money will be returned as a product as same amount of donation money.

Sales and Marketing Strategy of Mango product

Primary segmentation
Japan is in the habit of growing more vegetables than fruit. People with greater expertise than to grow vegetables rather than fruits because of water source in their nature, which favors vegetable rather than fruits. They’re easier to grow. Other reason for the expense of fruit, that it’s seen as a luxury, seems acceptable. Especially mango is the tropical and semi-tropical fruits but Japan is mostly continental climate. So limited area can produce mango like southern side of Japan (Okinawa) which is semi tropical zone. As well as in Okinawa mango they need green-house to produce mango because the warm temperature is not for long period of time. Ultimately the price of the mango goes up.

Mangoes in Miyazaki Prefecture are shipped from March to July, earlier than in Okinawa Prefecture. The mangoes are a premium variety, each market price 50-100 (USD/kg).

  • Product Cost : 10-15(USD/kg)

The target market is all kind of people living in Japan. All group people who are interested to go super-shops. Like to travel and visit different places. Like to chat with friends and try to introduce new products.

Back ground of the business:

The per capital income in Bangladesh will increase by 11.39 percent to $1,466 this fiscal year, according to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Alongside an increase in the gross domestic product (GDP), the per capital income also soared, said officials of the BBS, adding that they estimated the GDP growth to be 7.05 percent by the end of this fiscal year in June. The Gross National Income (GNI) was Tk 18,314,994 million ($2,343 million) this fiscal year when the population was 159.9 million. This will be seen as a giant leap for the country towards becoming a middle-income nation after being bracketed with low-income nations for decades. Bangladesh was elevated from the low income status to lower middle income nation last year, meeting the World Bank’s requirements comfortably. The development came against the backdrop of the country achieving higher per capital income amid a stable economic growth.

But as the policy of the government is turn to the countries rapid economic change, so the industries are growing day by day which hampers agricultural economics and the farmer drastically. On the other hand middle man and intermediary took the main role to distribute whole over the country. The syndicate level is too high to control government monitoring system, as a result farmers lose their profit, and they remain poor and become poorer.

To change this situation Vadalogistic will help to the farmers where farmers get direct benefit rather than selling to the existing companies. It will start from the mango, especially processing mango. Because Bangladesh need to climb the quarantine regulation. But popularity is important factor promote sales. Ultimately, it leads to the bottom up of mango farmer income. At this step, Bangladesh is not popular country for normal people. Consumers also confused to purchase the product because they don’t know Bangladesh. How to advertise? Vadalogistic answer is usage crowdfunding. This approach is not direct purchase. Donor join the project member, and purchase the product indirectly. Especially, key point is that donor will be able to be counted for future customers of product what crowdfunding creates. And, the donor who trust this project can contribute the improvement the society in poor rural village through consumption. Vadalogistic believe that it is the real stable method to change the world. Crowdfunding of this site can solve this problem.

  1. Casual to Start :
    Donor could be able to join the project through the web-page.
  2. Ttransparency :
    Easy to keep in touch with Vadalogistics and see all process from annual report.
  3. Recognizable Visible Merit :
    Donation will be return as real product.

Mango product like- mango juice, dried mango, mango jam and mango bar technology is not new to innovate, only we need to excellence those products to export world market. Especially mango product from Bangladesh has high potentiality to remove the poverty of Bangladeshi mango farmer. We are a group of young, energetic people trying to help Bangladeshi farmer by exporting mango products in the global market. Our success is certain to obtain our mission, vision and goal.


Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of agriculture, that conducts research on all crops except rice, jute, sugarcane, and tea for which there are separate institutes. The research compound of the central station is spread over 176 hectares of land of which 126 hectares are experiment fields. The institute has established six regional research stations in six regions of Bangladesh to develop new technologies.

Department of Agricultural Extension is a government department responsible for agricultural research in Bangladesh and is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Agriculture Directorate (Extension and Management) and Jute directorate were established in 1975 by the government of Bangladesh. The Department of Agricultural Extension was formed in 1982 through the merger of Agriculture Directorate (Extension and Management), Jute Directorate, Plant Protection Directorate, Horticulture Board, Tobacco Development Board, and Central Extension Resource and Development Institute (CERDI).

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Bangladesh joined FAO on 12 November 1973 within two years of gaining its independence from Pakistan. Ever since, Bangladesh and FAO have been working closely together in developing the areas of agriculture, food, forestry, fisheries, livestock, rural development and climate change.

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