VADALOGISTIC is a Japan-based distribution company. A group of people working to focus south-Asian Mango, and Mango product especially from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan as those countries are the legend of producing mangoes. In the future, the company will work for a potentially good product from South Asian nations like EEL fish, Jute, leather, Argo-product, mosaic pin etc. The basic purpose not only the business also make good bonding with Japan and helping the south Asian farmer to change their standard of life.

CEO’s Concentration and devotion in the field to ensure the product and the quality.


To create new logistic system for daily life.


By cooperating among countries, making partnership and good social system.


Fresh for Life

Company name: VADALOGISTIC

Location: 4-39 Shindatemachi, Matsuyama, Ehime

Phone number: 090-6350-4659

Representative: Souhei Wada( Director and Chairperson)

Date of establishment: November 11,2018

Capital: 50 Million Yen

Number of employees: 10 (End of January 2019)

Main customer: Supermarket

Main bank: Iyo Bank

Stakeholders: Super Nitto, Rainbow International

Business contents: Mango and mango product

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